You shall be subject to the rules of CruCycle in respect of the use of the premises and the facilities and equipment provided therein (House Rules). You shall be deemed to have knowledge of the rules which are posted on the notice board in the premises as well as the website, and which may be amended from time to time without notice. Please familiarise yourself with the House Rules.

CruCycle shall not be liable to you for any inability to use or obtain access to the premises owing to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of CruCycle. In such event, any refund of the usage fee shall be just to the sole discretion of CruCycle.

CruCycle shall not be liable to you, whether in contract or in tort, for any injury you may suffer at the premises or for your death, whether as a result of your using the facilities or equipment or otherwise, or any loss or damage you may suffer as a consequence thereof, unless due to the willful default or negligence of CruCycle.

CruCycle shall not be required to provide you with the services and guidance of any attendant or supervisor, whether skilled or otherwise, and whether during the time you make use of the facilities and equipment or otherwise. Any attendant or supervisor provided by CruCycle shall be relied upon by you at your own risk. You shall be solely responsible to seek medical advice and to decide whether or not the facilities or equipment at the premises would be suitable for you, having regard to your personal health condition.

CruCycle shall not be liable for any loss or damage to your property that you may suffer at the premises, whether or not such property was brought into the premises by you or otherwise.

"CruCycle" shall be read to include its directors, employees, contractors, agents, representatives.