The three founders of CRU, Valerie, Calvin and Beatrice, always had a dream to achieve something inspirational and moving for people. As a pack of their own, these three complement each other's strenghts and weaknesses to bring out the best in each other and most importantly, show that they can have fun as a team.


By first opening an indoor cycling studio in Singapore, the founding team has not only revolutionised fitness in Singapore but has also established Cru as a leading fitness and lifestyle brand in Asia.

The Cru brand is not just about losing weight or getting fit, it also prides itself on its community building efforts through music, style, and making choices for healthy, happy lifestyle. Cru is founded on the belief that through togetherness, we are able to achieve much more than what we are able to achieve alone. There is no "I" in team, and at Cru we are STRONGER TOGETHER.